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Our Journey defines a ‘Commitment of Love and Care’ at every stage as we spread the message of Ayurveda as a holistic science of healing.

We are parents, we are friends, we are siblings; we are anyone whom you feel cares for you the most. When we care for someone, we always aspire to use the safest products that are essential in our day-to-day life. Whether it be medicines, creams, body lotions, moisturizers, hair oils, serums, or any similar product that you use in your daily life, it should be free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

This belief gave birth to the Ayurvedic medicine online store; it laid the foundation of ‘Marma Ayurveda’ – Vital Touch to Complete Wellness’The foundation stone was laid by four co-founders who collaboratively made a thorough research on various herbs and plants from the flourishing forests of India before Marma came into existence. Passionately focused on the purity and authenticity of ingredients, they meticulously started making product formulations free from artificial colors, fragrances, petrochemicals, sulfites, polyphenols, and parabens. And now, the Ayurveda-Enriched products integrated with high quality and wrapped in beautiful packages are out for all our companions and friends on our Ayurvedic medicine online store from where you can easily explore and buy Ayurvedic products online at the convenience and comfort of your home or workplace.


“Vital Touch To Complete Wellness”

Marma’is a term that is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Mru’ that means ‘To Kill’. Following the same meaning, the term integrated itself as ‘Vital Points’ in the ancient Indian martial arts known as Dhanurveda. These vital points exhibit the junction points hidden in the human body that caters to a position where muscles, veins, ligaments, and veins meet each other.

Ayurveda clearly defines that there are moments when energy can stagnate at these vital points causing discomfort, pain, or inflammation at the respective junctions. Under such a scenario, human body mapping is needed to be done in a way that various organs, immune responses, and emotions get linked to specific energy points to release the stagnant energy from the respective points while restoring optimum physical and emotional health. This, in turn, became a significant aspect of Ayurveda defining ‘Vital Points that Kill’ and indeed 107 marma points strive to achieve that balance of mind, body, and soul.

With all the belief and understanding of these vital points, ‘Marma Ayurveda’ came into existence with a thoughtful tagline of ‘Vital Touch to Complete Wellness’. Further to make our products be easily accessible to one and all, we came up with our meticulously designed and executed Ayurvedic medicine online store.











Get to Know the Journey of Ayurveda

Ayurveda like you and me is just a name but when you start digging the depth of the secrets hidden behind each name, you come to realize the actual importance of a name for any specific person or thing. As for living beings each name has its own significance but when talking about non-living articles, many names are still a lost story but certainly, each does have a story. The same holds true for Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a name coined by the thoughtful combination of ‘Ayur’ and ‘Veda’ meaning ‘Life’ and ‘Knowledge’ respectively. Based on the terminology, it signifies the ‘Knowledge of Life’ or the ‘Science of Longevity’ that became a documented model of medical understanding to attain complete wellness including physical, spiritual, and psychological health. The earliest concepts of the same extracted from the Vedas in the form of Atharvedas were developed by the primordial God Shri Dhanvantri known to be the ‘God of Medicine’. This was somewhere around the 2nd millennium BCE.


Since then Ayurveda has become a known medical practice for the treatment of various diseases while expelling all health demons that become the root cause of respective diseases. Now with the innovation blended in the traditional science of Ayurveda, it has become easy to buy a range of medical and therapeutic products online through the Ayurvedic medicine online store.


Get Deeper into the Science of Ayurveda

The Science of Ayurveda as an ancient practice of holistic healing strives to work a system of balance and harmony to assess the body constitution of individuals. This constitution is known as ‘Prakruti’ that is defined and shaped by three governing forces of life, Vata, pitta, and Kapha.

Primary Element: Air and Ether

Qualities: Cold, Dry, Artistic, Sharp, Subtle, Creative, Changeable

Vata dosha holds responsible for movement, energy, and nerve impulses. Nervousness, fluctuating digestion, and anxiety are the manifestation of vata dosha. People who have dominant vata dosha are known to be airy in their approach while speaking or moving. It governs creative thinking, food circulation, working of the senses, enthusiasm, and determination. They tend to have tooth irregularities, small eyes, thin skin, and fuzzy hair.

vata dosha
pitta dosha

Primary Element: Fire and Water

Qualities: Passionate, Impulsive, Aggressive, Persuasive, Penetrating, Pungent, Sharp

Pitta dosha holds responsible for the governing the digestive fires of the human body. Good metabolism, sensory perceptions, optimum digestive functioning, and thoughtful transformation are all manifestation of pitta. People who have dominant pitta dosha are competitive, sharp-mind, and discriminating. They tend to have well-defined musculature, sensitive skin, blond hair, and medium-sized eyes.

Primary Element: Water and Earth

Qualities: Calm, Reflective, Compassionate, Spiritual, Nourishing

Kapha dosha holds responsible for stability and lubrication. Emotional and physical endurance is the key manifestation of kapha dosha. People who have dominant kapha tend to exhibit a balanced state of mind and body with high levels of patience and compassion. They are grounded and slow-moving but are prone to depression and respiratory problems. Impressive figure with curly thick hair, smooth skin, and bog beautiful eyes are also the key characters of people governed by Kapha dosha.

vata dosha